Our Activities


Mankind is god’s foremost creation and our sanskriti is a living manifestation of the God, guiding us to remain on the path of continuous progress for the mankind. Brahman Sabha was established with an objective of enrichment of the society at large by assisting individuals in their quest of health, wealth, knowledge and spirituality. It has strived for the last 120 years towards an all round development of the individual leading to a progressive society. Following are the various activities undertaken to assist individuals through all phases in their lives:


  • Maternity Home

Playing an important role in the most joyous movement of middle class families for the last 70 years is Mhaskar Sutika Griha. Safe, comfortable and affordable deliveries have been a hallmark.


  • Library

This library is dedicated to inculcate reading habit amongst children and satisfy the knowledge and entertainment needs of adults. Its well stocked collection helps in enhancing children’s knowledge in multiple areas broadening their horizons eventually helping them become effective members of the society.


  • Gymnasium

Taking cue from Lokmanya Tilak’s and Swami Vivekananda’s teachings extolling importance of physical fitness, Salwekar Gymnasium has been in
service of the youth and the youthful. It is well equipped with modern fitness as well as muscle building equipments.


  • Students Branch

Scholarships are distributed amongst deserving and financially weaker students as an encouragement and as direct financial assistance


  • Cultural Branch

This branch promotes the Hindu/Indian culture of the Vedas and the Saints through various programs. Like encouragement to study the Vedas and lecture series.


  • Festival Branch

Many festivals on the Hindu Calendar are celebrated maintaining their traditional elements. Most important amongst them being the Ganeshotsav


  • Ceremonial Hall

A marriage hall with all basic facilities is provided at a very affordable cost to all sections of the society.


  • Ladies Branch

Women being the driving force of a family they play an important part in upliftment of society. Understanding this special position of women the
ladies branch undertakes various programs.


  • General Nursing Home

Following diagnostic services are offered ECG, Sonography, Pathology Laboratory, X-Ray. Following specialties are being covered Pediatric Surgery, E.N.T, Orthopedic, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Cardiology, Psychology, Neurology, Diabetics, Phsiotheraphy, Child Psychology and Counseling.



       Membership details:


Brahman Sabha

• Life Membership – Rs. 500/-

• Aashrayadata - Rs. 2,500/-

• Hitkarta - Rs. 5,000/-

• Aadhaarstambh – Rs. 20,000/-

• Sanmaniya Aashrayadata – Rs. 1,00,000/-


Marriage Bureau

• Mangalya Vadhu Var Shahkha - Rs. 150/- per year.



• Panwalkar Granthalaya- Rs. 30/- per month.



• Salvekar Vyayamshala - Rs. 300/- per month.